Selected Papers 2017, publication

‘Virginia Woolf and the World of Books’, the Selected Papers of the 27th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, will be published in 2018 by Liverpool University Press (Uk) and Clemson University Press (US).

Submission guidelines for submitting your paper for consideration in the Selected Papers can be found here:

Submission guidelines.docx

Maximum 3500 words (including notes and Works Cited).

Deadline August 31st 2017

Please send submissions to


Eds. Nicola Wilson and Claire Battershill






Conference organizing committee:

Dr Nicola Wilson (Reading); Dr Bethany Layne (Reading); Dr Maddi Davies (Reading); Dr Claire Battershill (Simon Fraser University); Dr Alice Staveley (Stanford); Dr Helen Southworth (Oregon); Dr Elizabeth Willson Gordon (King’s College, Edmonton), Professor Vara Neverow (Southern Connecticut State University).

Please direct any queries to